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Corporate Outsourcing

Our staff management and outsourcing services support you as you concentrate on your principal business mandate while accessing excellent staff administration services, statutory compliances at a reasonable cost.

This includes temporary staffing solutions during special events, during business peaks, when engaged in promotions, exhibitions and to cater for unplanned absenteeism.

We help you identify suitable candidates for your position, offer the positions, manage their daily activities either while at your offices, or offices or working offsite. .

We have a unique payroll process that ensures comprehensive statutory compliances and payment through financial services providers – banks. In this section we also support you by engaging employees on financial solutions through banks when emergencies occur offloading the financial burden required to handle advance payment needs.

We also supervise the replacement process, exit process may it be by expiry of contract or staff exit, resignation or termination and conduct an exit interview with a view of assessing the successes, needs for improvement and other

To ensure compliance with the government requirements in terms of risks covers through Advanced Insurance Agency (AIA) limited our subsidiary in terms of the medical cover, travel  insurance, personal accident and WIBA.

Labour requirements advices are also offered as a lead to ensuring compliance and avoidance of industrial actions during and after the engagement

Contact our outsourcing team via info@hubken.co.ke or click the link below to send us an enquiry.