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Human Resources Management Information System

Our Human Capital Information Management System combines your systems and processes to ensure an easy, smooth and comprehensive running of the human resource functions as incorporated in other business processes and data management including the following functions:

  1. Talent management including experiences, education qualifications, special trainings and skills
  2. Appraisals management giving a global picture of individual and strategic business units’ performance expected reward and other measures.
  3. Online recruitment including shortlisting, interviews selections, engagement and exit
  4. Contracts tracing including probation, expiry, renewals, and leave maintenance
  5. Employment history including promotions, award and rewards, disciplinary information
  6. Capabilities to do document linking, reminders with user defined intervals
  7. A comprehensive payroll system that can be integrated with accounting packages to handle all deductions, issue soft reports, payslips and P9a

Try us and experience the convenience of using an information system that is able to streamline all your functions and integrate the same in your companywide software.

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