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May 10, 2022

Our client a rapidly growing innovative company offering agribusiness solutions to farmers, schools and co-operatives through their innovative products like[…]

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May 10, 2022
SALES MANAGER (Manufacturing & Distribution)

Our client a rapidly growing manufacturing innovative company offering solutions that deals in production and distribution of their innovative products[…]

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April 14, 2022
Sales Representative {High quality gym equipment}

Our client that specializes in strength, fitness and conditioning equipment, including weightlifting barbells, plates, racks and other functional fitness equipment[…]

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April 5, 2022
Sales Agents {General and Medical Insurance}

Our client one of the largest insurance firm in Kenya with the most innovative product offerings, underwriting General Insurance risks[…]

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March 14, 2022
Unit Managers.

Our clients a locally owned financial services holding company that specializes in Insurance and investment management services is seeking to[…]

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February 12, 2022
Sales Representative (Hermetic Bags)

Our ¬†client a rapidly growing innovative company with a clear focus on Food Security, Storage, & Safety through production and[…]

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