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Our Clients

Training Clients

No Company No Company
a. Jubilee Insurance, i. Mt Kenya Univeristy
b. BM Security Limited j. Ntonyiri Self Help group
c. Pan African University k. KNH Trauma Department
d. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies l. Bimaline Insurance Agency
e. Ariel-tech Co Limited m. Jamaa Hospital – Buru Buru
f. Molyn Credit Limited, n. Pioneer Assurance Limited
g. APA Insurance Limited, o. Pioneer Assurance Limited
h. Coinage Investments Limited p. Several schools

Recruitment Clients

No Company No Company
a. APA Insurance Limited, p. Molyn Credit Limited
b. Traca Management Limited q. Silverdine Medical Centre,
c. Datachip Limited, r. Kutana Bar and Restaurant
d. Harmony Solutions Limited, s. Mama Kitchen Restaurant
e. Ignite Branding Limited, t. Myla Consultancy Limited
f. Bonfire Adventures, u. Old Mutual Kenya,
g. Phones Experts Ltd, t. Home Essentials
h. Limo House Hospital, u. Britam Insurance Limited,
i. Aquarius Media limited v. Gaita and Company Advocates
j. ICEALION group, w. All and Sundry Co Limited,
k. Midland Energy Limited, x. G and R Restaurant–Biashara Str
l. Paladin Trading Co Limited, y. Elite Innovations
m. GO Venture Innovations z. Labchey Consulting (Auditors)
n. Enwealth aa. Eastern Mennonites Church
o. Metcon Co Ltd bb. 254 Brewing

The Investment In Our Services:

We always propose and engage in our clients in a discussion that helps in identifying your needs and align the same with the proposed partnership for a long term relationship with a keen eye on satisfying your needs.

We believe all investments in our services receive commensurate measure of benefit. Please don’t hesitate to ask for any clarification where necessary from the undersigned or our representatives.