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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

This course provides an overview and analysis of monitoring and evaluation theory and practice, with a particular focus on the role monitoring and evaluation play and how monitoring and evaluation can lead to better decision-making in the project management.

This course covers the principles and practices for results based monitoring and evaluation for the entire project life cycle. This course equips participants with skills in setting up and implementing results based monitoring and evaluation systems including M&E data management, analysis and reporting. The participants will benefit from the latest M&E thinking and practices including the results and participatory approaches.

This course is designed to enable the participants become experts in monitoring and evaluating their development projects. The course covers all the key elements of a robust M&E system coupled with a practical project to illustrate the M&E concept

The course uses international, as well as local, examples and case studies and will involve discussions with policy managers, policy advisors and evaluators with experience of monitoring and evaluation in various projects or programmes

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